What we do? 

Let a Kid help a Kid! 

Involving children in educating each other is essential to resonate with the child’s psychology, behavior, preferences, and decisions. ‘Let a Kid Help’ is the outcome of this ideology. We are an organization geared towards including children in the education process of other children above the barriers of borders, race, ethnicity and gender.

A kid can help the other kid learn better and faster. We wish to create a space harmonious for learning and development of child’s abilities to create a generation that may identify with the principles of mutual cooperation, love and peace above all differences. 

Mission Statement 

The mission of our organization is: 

“To dramatically impact the way children learn through constant social interaction, innovative development activities, and endless community outreach.” 

Message to the Masses 

The message Let a Kid Help as an organization wishes to communicate is that kids everywhere no matter what race, ethnicity or social/religious background have a unique ability to teach each other once they have been properly educated. We, therefore, work to educate children on social, moral and educational bases to develop their personality, cognitive behavior and social interaction. 

The organization name “Let a Kid Help” is essentially used to remind people that we are responsible for shaping this world’s future.